"Nobody Sleeps" Directed By: Danielle Hauer- Continued


Luckily, my cast and crew did a fantastic job both days of performance; even though I think they had more energy on the first opening day than the later. The audience seemed to really enjoy the show which made me ecstatic. I had never felt such an overwhelming sense of accomplishment before in theatre when I was simply the actress. I was now in the position in which I created something awesome and shared it with a large amount of people. All of my hard work had paid off and it felt good to say, “Yeah, I directed that.” Looking around at my fellow class members, it was fair to say they all felt the same way about their efforts as directors throughout this whole process as well.
The opening performances were a blast. I thought every show was unique an entertaining to watch. I found it quite intriguing that each play showed a subtle quality relating to its individual director. For instance, Sean’s one act, “The Midlife Crisis of Dionysus” had the same faced-pace, rushed quality to it that Sean himself exemplifies. Whitney’s one act, “The FiancĂ©” had the same dramatic and though-provoking appeal to it in which I see everyday in Whitney. Even Teri’s one act, “The Actor’s Nightmare” showed glimmers of Teri’s taste in rhetorical humor. I absolutely loved watching everyone’s pieces.
Ultimately, I am very grateful for the experience I obtained as a director. I enjoyed the experience so much that I look forward to directing again sometime in the future. Another thing I can say about directing that had an impact on me was that it taught me as an actress to not be afraid to venture outside my comfort zone. Next time I go into a production as an actress, I will have a better understanding of what the director is wanting from me. I will know that it is acceptable and encouraged to move based on my own instinct, and to show my director that I am willing to try new things.

Posted at 10:32 AM by Danielle Hauer