Bert's Golf Pants


It has been a long and interesting experience for both me and my cast as I found out through talking to them about how comfortable they felt about where they were at if they had to perform this tomorrow, which is how we ended every rehearsal. For the longest time their answer was no, as was mine, because we just couldn't get everything to click. One day it would be lines the other something else. Mostly we weren't acting together. All of a sudden last week we decided as a group that wed. night we were going to do a second rehearsal. That night we ended up forgetting a few lines and when we started talking about it they felt something wasn't right in the section and so then they forgot their lines. So we decided to work that area and then some more areas and I began to see what they were talking about. At first I thought that it was just them forgetting their lines and being too caught up with it but then as we looked at it farther it was more. So by working the parts we found the root of what was wrong and then worked them all til everyone was comfortable and inter that fixed most of the forgetting lines and the awkward feeling due to those missing parts. Then at the end of rehearsal I asked again if everyone was comfortable if they had to preform tomorrow and the answer was yes, which is how I felt. I have gotten to see one performance so far and they did very well had a technical glitch but that happens but I was very proud of my cast and crew for getting through it and doing so well. We have one more perform Monday night at 7:30 and I know that everything will be fine. This has been an experience I would never give up. Over all through good and bad I have enjoyed every moment and it has given me the opportunity to grow. Thanks to my cast and crew for all their dedication and thanks to Jeff, Haidee, and Kent for helping with any question I had. I fell this a great opportunity for anyone.

Posted at 12:45 PM by Heather Tranbarger